Tools for Spiritual Transformation

Tools For Spiritual TransformationThere are many tools and techniques that when applied they help us weather the ups and down of life and attain a greater state of peace, healing, and expanded awareness.

Tools for Spiritual Transformation has been organised to create a context for learning some of those tools and techniques. Irrespective of where you find yourself, the tools in this book can be a very useful addition to any existing spiritual practice you may be using. They serve as an invaluable and comprehensive resource for personal growth and spiritual transformation.

When these tools are understood and applied on a constant basis in conjunction with the teachings in “Reaching Beyond the Dream”, they affect one’s whole personality and behaviour in a very positive direction.

Releasing resistance and breaking free from the habit of identifying with the ego self-becomes progressively easier and you will quickly build a foundation that leads to greater health, peace and inner fulfilment and joy.


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