Testimonials – Books & CDs

Alex Tuzes

Reading, ‘Reaching Beyond the Dream’ is the most beautiful and understandable book I have ever read and contemplated upon. This book really explains the spiritual growth that we can achieve and the way to enhance our awareness. This book teaches happiness, joy and love in everyday life. This book is for everyone.

With Joy and Love, Alex Tuzes

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Teacher, and Mentor.

Aurora & Bruce Cartwright

Thank you Angelica and Terence for this unique and beautiful book. We are absolutely inspired by the work you do and your commitment to help others in reaching enlightenment.

Life with its ups and downs and uncertainty leaves us often confused and at times anxious. We are all on an heroic journey, and when a book like yours comes along it helps us put things into perspective and smooths the path along the way. Your book will be used for a long time to come, way after we finished reading it. It is more like a bible that we can go back over and over again, looking for inspiration and answers along the way.

Thank you for helping lift our spirits higher and the encouragement you both have given us. Please keep it going and we look forward to your next inspirational self help book…….

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

With much love
Aurora & Bruce Cartwright

Nikki Steller

I have been a nurse, a mother of 3, completed a Degree in Psychology and a Master in Counselling and have worked as Counsellor for a number of years. I made enquiry into different aspects of spirituality over the past few decades and I have completed several courses relating to human behaviour because I have a fascination with the interaction of humans in their various relationships. I have spent a great deal of time trying to understand what motivates my own behaviours; due to this I have substantially raised my awareness of how I interact with and impact on others.

Never have I read a book that so beautifully encompassed a philosophy that resonated with me. This book has come into my life at time when I was faced with a series of very challenging important personal relationship experiences; it has assisted my learning and personal growth in ways that I will be for ever grateful.

Because the sense of my personal reality had been seriously challenged, I have learned and finally integrated that my subjective view of the world was mostly created by me. The authors of this book have really helped me to shift from simply understanding to deeply realising that my perception of the events in my life are limited to my experiences and collected knowledge. I learned that hard emotional challenges raised opportunities for me to sit with my emotional pain and lean more about the conflicts that were going on in my mind. I realised that my reality was not fixed or necessarily true, and that by using my highest level of integrity and discernment, based on love rather than fear, I could view and thus respond to situations differently from my reactive, ego based behaviours of the past. I leaned that my ego was deceiving me in many ways that affected my sense of self and created conflicts and delusions in my mind.

Recently my partner and I came to a cross road, we realised that our egos and fears were slowly destroying a gift of beautiful love that we had been given to nurture and develop. After reading the chapters relating to Expressions of Human Love & Love and Sexuality, we developed a deeper understanding of the tricks the ego can play; always wanting more excitement or more security for a future that had not yet arrived. I leaned that I could easily forgive him for the pain I was feeling because I now clearly understood that I was totally responsible for my perception and personal reaction to the situation that confronted me.

Showing compassion and a willingness to understand my partner’s personal struggles opened an opportunity for us to share a far deeper level of honesty, thus allowing our relationship begin healing. Both of us were then able to refocus on a loving, caring and trusting relationship. We learned of the gifts that can be experienced by keeping our minds very focussed in the present moment when interacting and lovemaking; sometimes we began to loose a perception of our separateness as we freely and openly offered ourselves to each other.

There could not have been a more appropriate book for us to both read during this time as we both have certainly learned that with out a common goal, a focus on love, honesty and each other, we would not share the peace and happiness that we are now learning to nurture well.

I now understand that clearing my mind of conflict and ego chatter will give me greater access to knowledge that I have not yet been able to access. I am finding myself ever more attracted to a deeply committed life of enquiry about the spirituality that connects us all. This will take more effort and courage than I have previously mastered, however I now clearly realise that the gifts one receives from this way of living will assist me to reach well beyond anything I have dreamed of.

I am deeply grateful for knowledge that Angelica and Terence Atman have been able to pass to me via their workshops and their beautifully written book, Reaching Beyond the Dream – You have changed my life.

Thank you.

Nikki Steller

Natalie Mescheri

Thank you Terence and Angelica, I have tried to find words, but words are not adequate to describe what I feel in my heart. Your book ‘Reaching Beyond the Dream’ is just wonderful and is truly a representation of the wisdom you both embody as leaders of higher consciousness. Not only does it take us on the most important journey toward wholeness of our being, but it inspires us to appreciate life, ourselves and the people around us. For me, it hasn’t always felt easy to feel loving, but now thanks to everything you have shared, I am feeling that way a lot more often and I am appreciating life and people. It feels so wholesome. Thank you also for your guidance throughout your workshops and meditation classes. It has been the most valuable investment that I have made for my soul’s growth. I will refer to your book again and again.

Thank you so much for everything; your mission is important to our survival. Love, Natalie Mescheri