Atmans-Wedding-1Our marriage is a reflection of the sacred union of the masculine and feminine that mirrors the Divine Marriage with God.

We have come to know this holy relationship as a Twin Flame or the Twin Soul Union for it is wholly devoted and committed to dissolving every last obstacle to the presence of love.

By the grace of God, we miraculously came together as we instantly recognised each others’ soul, intuitively remembering and feeling the deep love in our heart for one another. Even though we are aware of each other as individuals, we are also aware of ourselves as ‘one’ and often have difficulty differentiating one from the other. Whatever emotion one of us is experiencing, the other will also register in their consciousness. There is no such a thing as a ‘private thought’ between us; everything is mirrored back and magnified a hundredfold – allowing us to release any negative patterns resulting from emotional wounds. At times, the inexplicable joy we feel in our hearts can be overwhelming to contain.

We live our life in a state of constant prayer, meditation and contemplation, each day surrendering to the Divine will of God. At times, we are guided to be in the world and teach and other times we are guided to retreat and go deeper within.  We have often laughed and likened ourselves to the wind – blowing here and there as directed by Spirit. With each demonstration of Truth and Love, we become more and more absorbed into each other allowing us to by-pass the attachment to individual identity. Merging the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in deep humility and tenderness, the Love in one heart draws forth the Love in the other, becoming a conduit to manifest the purity of Love into our world.

We recognise the grace of the Twin soul relationship and the Divine Union, and we feel blessed and humbled to be of service in bringing this message to the world.  We understand that ultimately our responsibility is to ourselves – for as we lift our vibration we help the whole of humanity. We remain entirely dedicated to our love for one another, our love for God and humanity and we have opened our collective heart to be the embodiment of Gods’ Love in the world. We remain fully committed to absolute Integrity, Honesty, and Truth in every area of our life.